Learning kitesurf

Our school’s method is safe and extremely effective, but also relaxed and pleasant for learning kitesurf. The big difference with other schools is the fact that we do the lessons on Riu beach and not on Kite beach. This entails: lots of space to practice. No waves or other persons who prevent you from progressing with kitesurfing or windsurfing. Also the instructor joins the student(s) in the water. This will make sure you feel comfortable and self-confident, meaning you will learn faster. Here we make the difference.

The first kitesurfing lesson

This lesson is divided into 50 percent beach training and 50 percent body-drag (surfing on your belly through the water with the power of the kite) in the water. At first you will be taught basic kite-control on the beach. After the beach training we will continue in the water to learn how to body-drag, preparing you for the board in lesson 2. Other schools usually do the entire introduction lesson on the beach. We differ because our instructor joins you in the water. This makes it safer and you progress much faster compared to a lesson on the beach.

Lesson 2: Bodydrag and Waterstart

To gain full control over your kite, we will start this lesson with a body-drag. After that, it is time to add a board and start learning kitesurfing. Again the instructor will join in the water to teach you the basics of a water-start. Hopefully you will do your first rides here.

Lesson 3: Sailing towards the horizon

The first meters are made. Time to practise! You will have the entire ocean to yourself, with the instructor right behind you giving tips and instructions. Enjoy the wind through your hair. How many meters you will sail? Enjoy kitesurfing!

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