Kite spots

West coast

The beach in front of the Riu Hotel

This is where our school is located. This is our favourite spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Here is where you find the strongest wind on the island. There are no obstacles blocking the wind wherefore it’s stabile. The wind is usually sideshore and slightly side-off shore wherefore you will find smooth and glass water. There is a life boat present. No rocks or stones but white sand. Sometimes there is a shore break to pass. You can reach Ponta Preta after crossing up twice. These famous waves have no influence on the kitespot itself.

Ponta Preta

Ponta Preta is one of the most famous spots in the world for kitesurfing and windsurfing. This spot is located next to our school. The waves are perfect here compared to Ali Baba or Cural Joul. Only a 5 minute drive from Santa Maria. Experienced riders come to sail here. This magnificent requires respect.

Cural Joul

Whenever a big swell enters, Cural Joul is probably one of the most feared spots on the island. You hardly see anyone sail here, apart from some pro’s to get extreme pictures. But whenever the waves are smaller, this is the first place you can catch them. The safe direction comes from the north-west side. On this spot you better take some extra material. You might need it.

Ali Baba

Along with Ponta Preta, Ali Baba has some of the biggest waves in Sal. If you are lucky and the direction is favourable, you will have an amazing session. De wave is rather long and only suitable for experienced riders.

Secret spot

Just like Cural Joul this is one of the spots only suitable whenever the swell comes in from the north- west direction. Compared to Cural Joul this spot is safer. Waves are found here regularly whilst not many people know this spot.

Monte Leo

Cristal clear and smooth water. Realise you probably have to share the waves with some other surfers. A perfect spot for free ride. This is a good spot for snorkelling as well.


What makes this spot so interesting is that the wave is not so aggressive, although it might be rather big at times. The wind here is strong compared to other spots. The wave comes in from the left and is relatively safe because it does not break so fast. A small beach to start off from. Nice spot.

East coast

Kite Beach (shark bay)

This is the busiest kitespot on the island considering the wind is side-on shore and all kite schools teach here. In the high season you can count up to 150 kiters, which is not enjoyable. About 70 meters in front of the coast lies a long reef where waves break from all sides. There is also often a shore break which makes it difficult for beginners to learn kitesurfing. You should also pay attention to the rocks and waste on which you can damage your materials. Sadly a lot of collisions and accidents happen here throughout all lessons. Nice here though is the beach club of Mitu and the wind is rather constant.

Southern coast

Santa Maria

The Santa Maria beaches are crowded with tourists which makes landing and launching difficult. At the beginning of the bay the wind is extremely gusty, weak and side-off shore. Against the end of the bay this improves to side / side-on shore. Careful around all swimmers. Not the best kitespot.

The beaches of Lembje

The water here is smooth and flat and the wind often side-off shore. The wind is relatively constant here. The big problem though is rocks lying everywhere and making landing and launching almost impossible on this kitespot. What you could do is start in Santa Maria and cross up for about 20 minutes or make a downwinder from Kite Beach.