The Island Sal

Islands where the sun always shines, creates the impression of waving palm trees and a tropical nature, but not at the island Sal, Cape Verde. Apart from some bushes, Sal (34 on 7 kilometres) exists of one big sand- and stone plain, bordered by an azure blue sea. Perfect for the fanatic sun worshipper or the always active water athlete thanks to the continuing trade winds. A couple of recommended activities:

  • Around noon the local fisherman return with their catch at the pier in Santa Maria. The local women clean the fish at the pier. A very traditional experience here at the island Sal, Cape Verde.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, rent a quad and discover the island Sal. You must have seen the salt mines.
  •  The vibrant nightlife in Santa Maria, especially during the weekends. The streets will be closed and all chairs and tables will be put out on the streets. It looks like a village festival. A tip: leave expensive belongings at home.