Learning process windsurfing

As of the moment you are able to sail, the instructor will bring a second sail and board into the water. This is where we are different.

Lesson 1: Introduction (1 hour private, 1.5 hours with 2 persons)

Here is where you learn the basics of windsurfing. 25% of the lesson we will teach you how to hold the sail on the beach, how to position your board and how to turn. After that, it is time to practice on the water (75% of the lesson). While falling and getting up, you will make your first meters. Practice makes perfect.

Lesson 2: Long distances

You are balanced and able to pull up the sail yourself. Time to sail longer distances. 100 meters to the left, 100 meters to the right. Can you turn as well? You feel your body becoming stronger by the minute.

Lesson 3: And further

Here is where we teach you to sail longer distances and perfection your turns while windsurfing. We train to sail upwind (meaning you will return to the same spot). As of the moment you can turn and come back on the same spot, you can continue renting material. Would you like to learn harness, foot straps, jibes… you can take an advanced lesson.